Drone Cinematography

In a world that is ever evolving, technology is not just something to be kept up with, but something to be led. Which is exactly what Incredible Images do; we lead the curve with the latest equipment, keeping our fleet as well as camera collection at a level that leaves others in the dust.


Aside from looking good, our new generation of aerial rigs are built to be as safe and reliable as possible. With the rise of the Unmanned Aerial Industry at an all-time high, stories of on-set crashes and mishaps by newcomers seem to be flooding the film world. This is where our equipment and experience shine. Safety always comes first.

Our Systems

Cinema Drone:
With this copter system, we fulfill the need of lifting a cinema camera in the air. This workhorse is the home for a RED camera. This copter provides up to 15 Minutes of flight time.

The Matrice 600 with the Sony A7RII is an amazing combo. Fantastic flight times with fantastic quality. This camera shoots 4K resolution with S-Log2 for colour grading flexibility.

We have a fleet on Inspires with various cameras. We can supply them as a one person setup or two person, pilot and camera operator enabling more dynamic shots.



Our fleet of vans with custom fitted workbenches, chargers and generators make working in the field a breeze.



Here’s a collection of our favourite shots.

Thanks to Ogilvy & Film 360 for getting us to shoot what was one of the most technical shots we have ever done. With the Red Epic loaded into the MoVI we took to the skies. Because of the distance that needed to be flown we travelled in a golf buggy to keep up with the Holden.

Thanks to Joe Michael for getting us down to the Hawkes Bay to shoot aerials at various picturesque vineyards. We shot in amazing locations and worked with some very talented people. Check out the aerial highlights video.

We were approached by Sydney based Hamburger Pictures to shoot aerials of outdoor clothing in Queenstown for a Korean TV station. It was an amazing day in amazing locations and amazing shots.


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