At the core of Incredible Drone Services is our belief that professionally captured aerial data is the key to solving many challenges facing many industries today. Our current clients, who are early adaptors of aerial captured data, are realising its power as a business and problem-solving tool.

With cameras and drones as our workforce, our highly skilled pilots we combine to form a formidable business partner supplying solutions to many business sectors by providing fast smart data captured safely.

At Incredible Drone Services we fly multiple payloads for our clients, from aerial and ground captured LIDAR, Photogrammetry, 3D modelling and survey both large and small scale. We have extensive experience with our expert team having over 6000 registered flights.


First Responders
Incredible Drone Services can provide critical drone support to First Responders. We can support police and fire departments, forestry agencies with all aspects of drone technology & services.
Building Surveys and Roof Inspection
Incredible Drone Services are specialists in high-level aerial building, tower, chimney, roof surveys and inspections using drones UAV ’s. Incredible Drone Services helps you gather and analyse property information by turning a drone into an advanced inspection toolkit. It automates drone-based image capture, organizes ground and drone photos, provides measurements, and aids data analysis with AI and deep learning tools simple enough for anyone to use. 

We work with property owners, architects, estate agents, chartered surveyors, local councils, insurance firms, and religious organisations to create and explain drone building surveys, with commercially-approved pilots capturing millimetres-accurate images ready for your team to view.
Construction Sites
Construction site aerial photography can show every stage of a development from planning, foundations, building topping out through to completion. There is no better way of getting an overview of a construction site that by using aerial photography.
Solar Panel Inspection
Above all, it’s the inspection of solar panels, which is of high importance to guarantee life long operation of the panels. This is the basic requirement for efficient solar electricity generation, so we get a long period of operation and fast return for your investment.

Drones that use thermal imaging cameras provide several advantages. The most important are for example – hot spots can be seen very clearly on a thermal image in contrast to other methods that take more time to complete thermal imaging cameras can be used to inspect the solar panels, while they are still in the circuit and operating.
With our drones (UAV’s) it is now easy to view any given land area and turn it into actual data in a few hours. Precision agriculture is now affordable using drone (UAV) technology.
Incredible Drone Services fly our drones (UAV’s) with a high-resolution camera to collect 20-megapixel aerial photographs for a wide variety of commercial mapping uses. We can measure and map hard to reach areas like, quarries, landfill sites and open cast mines.
3D Mapping
To maximise the detail of our 3D mapping we also take aerial images from different point of interests flying around objects at different altitudes in addition to flying the normal overlapping regular grid pattern. 

As all the images are geo-referenced, these additional images add depth and detail to the final 3D rendered model.
Incredible Drone Services can help commercial venues, stadiums, event management staff and security personnel secure their surroundings. Incredible Drone Services offers temporary deployment options, catering for short-term events where set up and pack down timing is critical. It is available as a fixed installation or temporary deployment for open-air sites including theme parks, sports stadiums, University campuses and office parks. We can work with Airports, Government Agencies, First Responders, Maritime, and Prisons.
Time-lapse photography is a very effective way to compress the time-line of an event or process that you want to show in a shorter, more appreciable time-frame. It is a superb tool for showing how events or processes unfold.
Thermal Imaging Services
Thermography is a non-destructive, non-intrusive, non-contact means of detecting Infrared Radiation enabling the thermographer to see and measure accurate temperatures and variations in emitted infrared energy. Thermographic Imaging, commonly known Hot Spot detection, is the most cost-effective method of determining faults in Electrical and Mechanical equipment for Industrial and Commercial businesses.

While electrical and mechanical inspections are two of the most common applications for Infrared Thermography, thermal imaging techniques can be applied to many other situations such as degradation of furnace walls, aircraft, buildings, flat roofs and analysing energy losses caused typically by poor or inadequate insulation.


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