SKYBOX – Aerial Cinematography

Incredible Images are very excited to introduce the SkyBox to New Zealand. Cost effective 4K RAW aerial cinematography is now available.

The SkyBox uses a stabilised interchangeable lens system which records up to 4K RAW resolution. The camera operator has full control over the camera settings and can tilt, pan and roll the camera to create dynamic and engaging shots. Skybox is a sophisticated camera enclosure that allows powerful drone gimbals from UAS industry leader DJI to fly on manned helicopters.

Using built-in gyroscopic stabilization and a clear windshield,
Skybox protects DJI’s highly-capable imaging devices from
the heavy vibration and high airspeeds inherent to rotorcraft.
Skybox’s innovative design maximizes image quality and allows for
unrestricted movement of the gimbal with full 360° panning.

With Skybox, helicopter operators can capture professional-quality 4K
aerial footage and imagery much more cost-effectively than ever before. A live HD video feed is also available for the pilot and clients to watch the magic unfold.

Elevate your production to the next level!
Enquires: Bruce Clarke 027 688 5001 or







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