Underwater Photos & Video NZ-wide

Incredible Group’s remote-controlled Underwater Drone (underwater ROV) can be used in freshwater and seawater to photograph, video and livestream detailed images from any angle, in otherwise unreachable areas. Our underwater drone services include:

  • Monitoring & Safety Inspections e.g. pipes, infrastructure
  • Research, Scientific & Archaeological Exploration
  • Hydropower, Hull & Dock, Aquaculture Inspections
  • Environmental Protection, Water Conservancy
  • Emergency/Search & Rescue Missions
  • Scuba Diving Photography & Videography

360° Photos & HD 4K Video | Live Streaming

Incredible Group’s professional Chasing M2 Pro ROV Underwater Drone shoots 360° high resolution 12MP Photos and High Definition 4K Video. Images can be live streamed to multiple remote devices and Shared to Social Media. With Image Stabilisation and 4000 lumens LED lights, the camera captures incredible detail even in deep, low visibility and muddy water. Multiple cameras can be used.

  • Depth Rating: 150 metres (490 feet)
  • Top Speed: 2m/s (4 Knots)
  • Operating Range: -10°C to 45°C
  • + Time Lapse & Slow Motion Video
  • Battery Life: up to 5hrs. Unlimited with AC power
  • Active Tracking + Temperature & Depth Data

See more specs: Technology page

Drone Services

Our dedicated team of qualified UAV pilots are here to help. Please get in touch so we can help with any questions.

We obtain all Permissions required, e.g. from local authorities.

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