Professional Photographers & Pilots

Since 2001, Incredible Group has shot compelling, insightful photos of commercial and industrial property, assets, utilities and infrastructure throughout New Zealand.

All Incredible Group photos are high resolution, with professional retouching, image delivery and storage included. We also offer in-house post-production services, Photo and Video packages.

Aerial Captured Data: Using powerful software, our Part 102 Certified drone operators/pilots can take aerial photos to capture smart data. E.g. for detailed Mapping and Utility Inspections.

NZ Stock Images Library: For Royalty-free, high resolution aerial stock photos and HD/4K aerial video footage, visit our image library website: NZ Stock Images

Real Estate & Industrial Photography

Incredible Group’s experience includes Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, 3D Modelling, and Moving Photo Slideshows for leading Real Estate companies.

Our industrial work is diverse: from roading layouts, drainage positions, sewerage lines and railway lines, to previous projects such as the Orewa and Hobsonville subdivisions, the Rimutaka Hill Road , and Auckland cycleway

Drone Photography

Incredible Group’s expertise includes high resolution aerial and land-based photos taken with professional drones. Our drone fleet includes a specialist Thermal Imaging drone, and an Underwater drone. Previous drone projects range from Real Estate and property developments, to large-scale, detailed inspections and mapping.

Learn more: Drone Services

Helicopter Photography

High resolution aerial photos can include 360° still shots taken with Incredible Group’s stabilised Skybox 3D camera system. A live HD video feed is available for the pilot, and for the client to watch remotely.

Skybox captures incredible 4K aerial shots very cost-effectively: from as little as 10% of the cost of traditional stabilised helicopter camera systems.

Learn more: Helicopter Photography

Commercial Property – Interiors & Exteriors

Incredible Group has over 20 years of Commercial photography experience. Our professional photographers know how to work with angles, spaces and lighting to showcase your property or site, at its absolute best.

Quality photos tell an important story: from highlighting location and views, to key features, structural and design elements. Incredible Group can also take large aerial still shots – e.g. for architects to overlay proposed buildings.

Our creative viewpoints, choice of lenses (e.g. ultra-wide angle) and superb in-house post-production, help create incredible interior and exterior photos.

Incredible Images

Incredible Group has you covered: we’re on call 24/7 and never miss a deadline.

We obtain all Permissions required, e.g. from local authorities and airfields.

Commercial Real Estate Photography
Realestate Development Photography
Commercial Real Estate Photography
Commercial Real Estate Photography

360 Degree Panoramas

Incredible Group can combine multiple high resolution photos, to form a full 360 Degree Panorama: creating an immersive, almost ‘virtual reality’ experience for the viewer.
These stunning panoramas are particularly useful for showing possible views from buildings or property developments yet to be constructed/completed.

Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse Photography (long or short-term) is a very effective way to compress the timeline of an event or process, into a shorter video clip.

The time-lapse photos can be shot in or outdoors – usually in a Static (fixed) position, or in some cases with Rotational or Cinematic Motion.

Time-lapse footage can be displayed online in real time and Incredible Group can also provide site progress reports.