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Incredible Group captures stunning photos and 4K Raw (Ultra High Definition) cinema-quality video by helicopter, using the Skybox aerial camera system. 4K is four times higher resolution than High Definition and shooting Raw video provides more flexibility creatively, in post-production.

Pricing isn’t sky-high, as advances in aerial imaging technology mean Incredible Group can shoot for as little as 10% of the cost of using traditional stabilised helicopter systems. All pricing includes image delivery, storage and professional, in-house photo retouching.

Skybox 360° Aerial Videography

Skybox maximises image quality, allows for smooth, unrestricted movement of gimbals* and the anti-reflective lens glass rotates in sync with gimbals, for full 360° panning and tilting. A live HD video feed is available for the helicopter pilot, and for clients to watch remotely. 

The innovative Skybox camera enclosure, powerful DJI drone gimbals and heavy-duty gyroscopic stabilisation completely isolate cameras from heavy vibration, wind and high airspeeds. This allows gimbals to operate flawlessly throughout a helicopter flight.
(*Gimbal: camera support system with sophisticated motion detection)

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Cost-effective Heli Photography, Videography & Cinematography.

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Helicopter vs Drone

For some projects a helicopter is best. E.g. for distance, speed, height, accessibility, and/or regulatory requirements.

Helicopters can fly higher and longer – helpful when shooting large properties and capturing panoramic footage of large areas – e.g. cities, events.

Shoot location flexibility: helicopters can shoot multiple aerial shots across different locations.


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