Fast & accurate Drone Aerial Mapping

Mapping by drone is the most efficient way to accurately map topography, large vertical buildings and structures, to ensure optimum coverage, photo overlap and detail. Incredible Group’s professional drones (UAVs) are equipped with high resolution cameras which shoot aerial photographs for a wide variety of commercial mapping uses.
Incredible Group’s commercial drone fleet can fly at varied elevations, mapping in and outdoors. We have CAA Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certification – enabling our Certified drone operators to fly beyond Part 101 restrictions. E.g. over 120m (400ft) high / day and night / in (approved) controlled airspace / over people and private property.

Mapping, 3D Mapping & Models

Using powerful software, Incredible Group captures smart data and high resolution, 20-megapixel photos to create detailed maps, models and 3D rendered models. Our aerial mapping expertise includes measuring and mapping hard to reach areas such as quarries, landfill sites, open cast mines.
3D Mapping: to maximise detail, in addition to flying an overlapping regular grid pattern, our aerial photographers/drone operators shoot from different points of interest: flying around the area, building or structure at different altitudes. As all images are geo-referenced, the additional photos add depth and detail to the final 3D rendered model.

Incredible Group’s drone services also include Inspections & Surveys.

Drone Services

Incredible Aerial Mapping, 3D Mapping & Models.

We obtain all Permissions required, e.g. from local authorities & airfields.

Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping

Incredible Images are the ‘go to’ photographers for Commercial & Industrial property throughout the country and are proud to work with New Zealand’s top real estate companies including Bayleys, Barfoot & Thompson, Colliers International, CBRE, Whillans and more. With a team of three very experienced photographers, we can handle the volume demands and ensure that we never miss a deadline.

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