Incredible Group – capturing incredible images in Aotearoa

Ground, Aerial & Underwater

Incredible Group specialises in professional Commercial photos, videos and cinematography; from the ground, via drone, helicopter or underwater drone. Our aerial work can include capturing smart data – e.g. for Mapping and Inspections.

We’re here for you 24/7 and never miss a deadline.

Commercial Real Estate Photography


Incredible Commercial photos! Our experienced photographers and Part 102 Certified drone operators capture compelling still shots – taken from the ground, by drone, helicopter or underwater drone. All photos are professionally retouched and can be combined with video.

Incredible Group shoots high resolution images. E.g. for Moving Slideshows with graphics, Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, 360 Degree Panoramas, Time-lapse, and aerial photos for inspections, 3D mapping and modelling.

We also have a Royalty-free, stock aerial image library (website): NZ Stock Images.


Incredible Commercial videos: we shoot High Definition, 4K, and for film/TV, cinema-quality 6k UHD video. Our work includes Real Estate videos, Corporate videos, Time-lapse, Thermal Imaging, and aerial captured smart data – e.g. for inspections, 3D mapping and modelling.

Incredible Group has professional videographers and Certified drone operators on call 24/7. We also offer in-house video editing/Post Production e.g. 3D Motion Graphics, audio engineering, voiceovers, scriptwriting. Video and Photography packages available.

We also have a Royalty-free, stock aerial image library (website): NZ Stock Images.

DJI M600 Drone

Drone Services

Incredible drones, Certified Drone Operators: Incredible Group has a fleet of professional drones and team of Part 102 Certified Drone Operators. Our Drone services include Photography, Videography, and aerial captured data for inspections, 3D mapping and modelling.

We were one of the first drone companies in New Zealand to gain CAA Part 102 certification. Incredible Group can fly drones safely and legally where and when most others can’t. E.g. over 120m (400ft) high, day and night. Our fleet includes a Thermal Imaging drone and Underwater Drone.

Real Estate

Get incredible results! Incredible Group is available 24/7 to give you the visual edge. Since 2001 we have created exceptional photos and videos for leading real estate companies and property developers; from residential listings/developments, to Commercial and Industrial properties.

Incredible Group services can include: Walkthroughs – moving photo Slideshows with graphics; Matterport 3D Virtual Tours – stunning Ultra High Definition 4K videos with floor plan, 360° exterior photos, 3D graphics; and immersive 360 Degree Panoramas. Photo and Video packages available.