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Incredible Group has experienced Commercial photographers, videographers and Certified drone operators on call 24/7.

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Supplier Request

Examples of acceptable supporting documents :

Bank Account verification:

  1. Bank deposit slip, or
  2. Notification on Bank Letterhead advising Bank account name and number, or
  3. Copy or Screenshot of top of bank statement showing the Bank account name and number.

GST number verification:

  1. Letter on IRD Letterhead confirming GST details, showing GST number and supplier name, or
  2. Top portion of Preprinted GST return showing supplier name and GST number, or
  3. Screenshot of MyIR GST page, showing supplier name and GST number

Note: FBT returns, Income Tax or PAYE forms are NOT acceptable as they show IRD number that may NOT be the GST number.

Some examples of GST support:

GST document example
GST document example
GST document example
GST document example
GST document example

Contractor Registration