Professional Drone Operators
Incredible Group was one of the first companies in New Zealand to be granted ‘Part 102 certification’ by the CAA New Zealand for operating Drones (UAV’s). In a nutshell, this is effectively a “Commercial Drone Operators Licence” which gives us access to areas at heights and times that would not be possible to do lawfully without it. A big advantage if you need work done fast. Across our group of companies, we have pilots that specialise in all industries, including Property, Utilities, Construction, TV and Film, Maritime, Marketing and Advertising, with professional aerial photography, data and ground photography, with in-house editing and marketing production.
Main Industries We Service
Real Estate Industry
Incredible Images are the ‘go to’ photographers for Commercial & Industrial property throughout the country and are proud to work with New Zealand’s top real estate companies including Bayleys, Barfoot & Thompson, Colliers International, CBRE, Whillans and more. With a team of three very experienced photographers, we can handle the volume demands and ensure that we never miss a deadline.
Property Owners & Developers

Incredible Images have worked with the biggest names in property development in New Zealand. We are proud to be associated with Goodman Property, Highbrook Developments, Templeton Group, and Conrad Properties just to name a few. The services we offer to this sector range from helicopter and drone aerial videos and photos through to corporate promotional videos. We are specialists in pre-construction marketing - showing accurate views from yet to be built apartments or providing backplate imagery for the purpose of superimposing the finished development.

Engineers / Building & Asset Inspection
Incredible Images work with leading engineers and infrastructure companies on large projects, providing aerial shots, detailed maps and land based photography of construction sites, roading layouts, drainage positions, power lines and railway lines. We are proud to have worked on exciting projects such as  Hobsonville Subdivision, Highbrook Business Park and the Auckland cycle way to name a few. Through our partnership with Thermal Imaging Systems; the leading thermal imaging company in NZ; we have developed our own custom drone based system. Benefitting from the simultaneous capture of accurate thermal and high resolution optical imagery.
Architects / Interior Designers
We work with top Architects in New Zealand creating quality imagery and videos for internal marketing use, and to supply clients with that special shot needed for a promotional advert. Our drones are often used for aerial videos for modelling purposes in larger projects. Incredible Images are on hand to help you and guide you with your next project. Contact us and find out why we are so respected in the industry by some of New Zealand’s leading Architects.
Marketing & Advertising
With our industry leading experience in operating drone camera equipment, we are best placed to deliver the exceptional imagery you are after. Whether it is for a big budget marketing campaign or small scale production, we can scale a solution to meet your needs. From a single operator and a drone; to a full crew, fleet of drones, multiple cameras, generators and vehicles. With our high resolution still camera options, we are also best placed to help with imagery for large scale, detailed prints.
Film, TV & Web Media

The Zenmuse X7 camera and lens system is cinema quality. With its 6k CinemaDNG RAW capability, it can be easily matched with ground footage from any high end camera. And as it works with the DJI Inspire 2, it allows greater maneuverability and more dynamic shots than bigger drones. But if bigger is what you need, we have that covered too with our DJI Matrice 600. We also have a range of stabilised ground systems and motion cameras.


Who we are....

We are a versatile team, highly experienced across, multiple industry sectors including, Commercial Property Marketing,  Building and Construction, Asset management and all other things

What we do…

Providing solutions and Building Strong relationships with our Partners and Clients to grow their businesses, improving operational efficiencies and safety whilst reducing client expenditure.

Our team of experienced pilots are fully insured and Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] licenced. We use only state of the art commercial equipment to ensure accurate completion of any mission.
Bruce Clarke

Director/Photographer & Drone Operator
(CAA Part 102)

0276 885 001
Patrick Gailer

Photographer & Drone Operator
(CAA Part 102)

0277 885 001
Anthony Gussenhoven

Sales and Marketing Manager
(CAA Part 102)

027 688 5003

Chris McCallum

Photographer & Drone Operator
(CAA Part 102)

0275 885 002
Raewyn Stenhouse

Retoucher - Image Librarian 
(B.des Vis Com)

09 525 7750

Alwin Tan

Photographer & Drone Operator
(CAA Part 102)

0276 885 004
Incredible Drone Services fly our drones (UAV’s) with a high-resolution camera to collect 20-megapixel aerial photographs for a wide variety of commercial mapping uses. We can measure and map hard to reach areas like, quarries, landfill sites and open cast mines.
Corporate Videos
Video content is a key component of any businesses digital marketing strategy. A short one – two minute video gives the viewer an understanding of your business and an awareness of your products and services.

3D Mapping
To maximise the detail of our 3D mapping we also take aerial images from different point of interests flying around objects at different altitudes in addition to flying the normal overlapping regular grid pattern. As all the images are geo-referenced, these additional images add depth and detail to the final 3D rendered model.
Sport, Travel and Tourism
Incredible Drone Services and videography using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) can now really show the sports, leisure, travel and tourism industries from an exciting and affordable viewpoint, previously only available from expensive helicopter or manned aircraft shoots.
With our drones (UAV’s) it is now easy to view any given land area and turn it into actual data in a few hours. Precision agriculture is now affordable using drone (UAV) technology.
360 Aerial Panoramas
Incredible Images produce high-resolution 360° interactive aerial panoramic photographs to promote your business using our drones. Go to our Incredible Images page.

Our 360° virtual tours give you the feel of being there up high with a birds eye view where you can turn around 360° and look closely at ever detail. Go to our Incredible Images page.
Construction Sites
Construction site aerial photography can show every stage of a development from planning, foundations, building topping out through to completion. There is no better way of getting an overview of a construction site that by using aerial photography.
Building Inspection and Surveys
Incredible Drone Services are specialists in high-level aerial building, tower, chimney, roof surveys and inspections using drones UAV ’s.
First Responders
Incredible Drone Services can provide critical drone support to First Responders. We can support police and fire departments, forestry agencies with all aspects of drone technology & services
Thermal Imaging Services
Thermography is a non-destructive, non-intrusive, non-contact means of detecting Infrared Radiation enabling the thermographer to see and measure accurate temperatures and variations in emitted infrared energy. Thermographic Imaging, commonly known Hot Spot detection, is the most cost-effective method of determining faults in Electrical and Mechanical equipment for Industrial and Commercial businesses.

While electrical and mechanical inspections are two of the most common applications for Infrared Thermography, thermal imaging techniques can be applied to many other situations such as degradation of furnace walls, aircraft, buildings, flat roofs and analysing energy losses caused typically by poor or inadequate insulation.
Incredible Drone Services can helps commercial venues, stadiums, event management staff and security personnel secure their surroundings. Incredible Drone Services offers temporary deployment options, catering for short-term events where set up and pack down timing is critical. It is available as a fixed installation or temporary deployment for open-air sites including theme parks, sports stadiums, University campuses and office parks. We can work with Airports, Government Agencies, First Responders, Maritime, and Prisons.
CAA Approved Pilots
We hold a Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate — Permission for Commercial Operations, granted to us by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) — for legal flying!
National Coverage
We work all over NZ and are qualified and insured for all project types. We’re well-connected with various authorities across the country.
Serious About Safety
Risk assessments, pre-flight plans, and specialist PPE: Incredible ensure every shoot is safe, and closely adhere to rules on flying near large crowds and congested areas.
Incredible is professionally insured for and confidently experienced with launching and catching drones by hand while operating from small boats and platforms out at sea
We’ve worked on campaigns in various sectors, we can help you integrate aerial imagery into B2C and B2B marketing media.
All-Day Aerial Filming
Incredible are equipped with battery charging generators to keep our drones running all day. Ideal for dawn-to-dusk jobs aboard boats, or in busy locations where continuous filming is key to the shoot.
Multi-Date & Multi-Destination
We offer multi-day packages for lengthier, more complex shooting schedules. Need a team of pilots, filmmakers, and editors at every port of call on a week-long route? Book ahead in bulk with us!
Incredible Group hold full aviation cover and are fully insured against injury and damage for each flight with $10 million of public liability insurance to fly at all altitudes.
  • "It has been my pleasure to work with Bruce from Incredible Images for over 7 years now. Bruce travels the country with us six times per year to photograph our Lottery Homes. This photography is used for all our promotional material related to the Heart Foundation’s largest direct marketing campaign, the Heart Foundation Lottery. As our largest fundraising initiative our marketing material must portray a sense of desirability where supporters and new customers wish to participate in the Lottery as they are wanting to “win the home of their dreams.”

    The photography plays a significant role in showcasing the lottery homes to the best of our ability in our marketing material and the team never fails to deliver the right shots. Incredible Images always goes the extra mile on shoots, whether it’s helping to finish propping of the home, potting plants or providing Photoshop images incredibly quickly post shoot day, no job is too big or too small and he is simply great to work with (no creative preciousness about him!). The team has also been producing video footage for us using the drone, which we have incorporated into our eDM’s and website, this has added a new dimension as to how we promote the Lottery home and the location of the home. I highly recommend Bruce & the team at Incredible Images if you are looking for photography and genuinely great people to work with!"
    Gail McIntyre,
    Fundraising Manager, Heart Foundation
  • “Bruce and his team at Incredible Images have been our commercial property photographers at Colliers International for more than 10 years now. They are the industry’s preferred photographer. His experience captures the essence of the property’s we market, which allows us to profile these assets via numerous mediums. Particularly helpful when decision on whether these properties feature in the newspaper can be dictated by the quality of the photos. Their dedication to getting the right “money shot” is flawless too. Always looking for the next innovation, Bruce often consults with us which is a much valued collaborative process. Certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Incredible Images to anyone seeking a professional and service driven team.”
    Jeremy Graham
    Marketing Director | New Zealand
    April 2016
  • “I have worked with Bruce Clarke and the Incredible Images team for 15 years and have found their service and quality of work to be of the highest level at all times. Incredible Images understands the high standards I require for photography and video production and are most efficient in delivering these well within the time frame for the brief. I would highly recommend working with them.”
    Rene Pasche
    Ignite Architects
38F Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki
Auckland 2013, New Zealand
Tel: 09 525-7750
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