DJI Inspire 3

Incredible Group has the all new DJI Inspire 3 – combined with a Zenmuse X9 camera which can film in Full-frame 8K/75fps in Pro Res Raw, Full-frame 8K/25fps in CinemaDNG and 4K/120fps Apple ProRes RAW. The Inspire 3 is a powerful, cinematic/photographic aerial tool able to capture footage worthy of the big screen. It can be flown by one drone operator and a person controlling the camera, which creates much more dynamic shots. A max transmission distance of 15 km and 1080p/60fps, 4K/30fps live feeds with low latency.

Up to 50 mph in 4 secs, top speed 94 kph: ideal for filming fast-moving subjects. Dual battery system: up to 28 mins total flight time.

Lenses available: 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm.

See Specs – DJI website: DJI Inspire 3